About Us

“Traveling Is The Only Thing You Buy  That Makes You Richer and undoubtedly it’s the world’s best practical education.”

How does TravelZooBD affect the Travel Industry?

Founded in March 2012, ZooholidayBD is an IATA-approved travel agency in Bangladesh. Ever since its inception, the company has become a very well -reknowned brand in the travel industry of the country, as it continues to positively influence the market.

The core connection between Travel & zoo

As human beings, there are so many different things we don’t know about the world. As technology advanced, humans travelled to the moon and discovered the existence of water on its surface. Anywhere we human beings go to, we always try to preserve the memories. At the start of human existence, humans didn’t know much about any animal. That is why, whenever they traveled, they collected animals from different countries and placed those animals in a specific place, which we now call a ‘zoo’. The idea of a zoo came into being a long time back, originating in the ancient cultures of China, the Middle East, and then the Roman Empire.

As people started to travel and explore the unknown even more, through longer distances, they began to discover even more animals. This idea of travelling leading to the formation of zoos gave us the inspiration to connect travel and zoo.

How we became a Brand:

“ZooholidayBD” continually tries to provide the best deal for their clients. Click the link below and see some of our amazing stories all for yourself!


Zoo IT

ZooIT is a full service of foundation,Institute and travel technology IT company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.We are strategists, designers, producers,develovers,teachers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging user experiences, meaningful relationship with brand and consumer.we teaches those professional courses which helps you to earn money.and most important part its free of cost, we provide free I.T education to remove unemployment from Bangladesh.



Zoo Holiday is a sister concern of Zooholiday Bangladesh Ltd.This website is basically made international Holiday packages and attractive worldwide sightseeing.even you can purchase your holiday packages through our website.Hopefully you could grab our best deal.Our air route specialist and Holiday specialist working together to give you a better deal. So if you do not yet make a holiday plan than visit us.






Airways Office is a  information biased website where you will get all resources of travel and airways company’s informations .The idea came at 2016 from Mr.Luthfe Ali and his team work on it.We are ready to give service to the people for any information of airways office and travel related informations. Like airways office address, contact details and also Air ticket confirmation, booking, issue, reissue, cancellation and other problems solutions. Airways Office is the member of IATA since 2013.


Haider Trading & Developer:

Haider Trading is a proprietorship company, where company work as a Rod supplier in the whole Bangladesh.We are very known rod supplier in Bangladesh market and we  work as a real state developer in Bangladesh Market.Our projects existence in many places of Bangladesh.It is a business of Mr. Ali Haider and his family.Those projects part of our zoo family.