Investment Deal

Zooholiday Bangladesh Ltd. Is one of the reputed and well established travel agency in Bangladesh. Our aim is to be among the top 5 agencies in Bangladesh with a dream of one day achieving the apex position in the industry. We are one of the few IATA accredited agencies in Bangladesh.

We started our journey back in 2013 with only two employees out of a small office. We now have a total of 22 employees and hope to employ more and create new jobs which will in turn help our economy. We also have a fully owned subsidiary named “Zoo IT”. We currently have a turnover over BDT100 crore per year. Most of our sales are indirect and are done through sub-agencies but we would like to increase our direct sales since these bring in higher profits.

Our business is growing at an exceptional pace but we are currently facing some difficulties with regards to our resources.  We do not have enough resources in our hands be it human or capital to fund our hunger for growth.  The following paragraphs will explain to you how we wish to raise capital to fulfill our ambitions of one day becoming the top travel agency in Bangladesh.

We plan to raise Tk 1 crore by issuing 1 thousand shares with each share being worth Taka 100.

A potential investor must subscribe to at least 1000 shares which will be worth Taka 1 lakh and can purchase as many shares above this limit. Dividends will be paid in the form of 10 percent of net profit, in other words in other words for every Tk 1 lakh profit Tk 1000 will be paid as dividend.

Benefits of investment

We want to use the raised money to help grow our business in the following ways.


We will raise Tk 1 crore by issuing 1 lakh shares with each share being worth Taka 100.Some of these funds will go towards introducing a marketing budget which we currently have none of. Marketing will primarily be done through online ad placements such as on Facebook, YouTube etc. We would also like to place ads in local newspapers and magazines. A recent survey has shown that a company is more likely to grow if it spends money on marketing as this will create more exposure for the business thereby bringing in more customers.


We would like to improve our current website and make it more user-friendly and interactive. We would also like to introduce an e-commerce element (API) to our website which will make it easier for our clients to purchase tickets and saving them the hassle of having to visit our office the traffic conditions of Dhaka being as it is.We will invest your money in different different airline.Its kind of prepaid system that we will deposit your money in airline web portal.and profit will be count 50% by 50%.


We plan to introduce some form of banking system through which we will lend the unused capital to those in need who are otherwise not able to get a bank loan. This will be done through introducing a form of Cash Credit (CC) or Overdraft (OD) facility for potential debtors. This will help us earn interest on those short-term borrowing and thereby increasing the value of the raised funds.Per 1 lakh Taka of CC or OD we will charge Taka 100 per day.


Our Business run through by bank guarantees and Bank guarantee interest is .25cents and you need 50% back up money to backup your bank gurantees,if you sell in dues.

Example: you want to invest 20 lac Bank your interest will be count like this-(20lac*.25cents=5000BDT*4month=20000BDT*15%gov. Tax=23000BDT per year)

Upon receiving a bank guarantee we would like to provide them with the following:

  • Issuing authority for e-tickets through our ID
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) usage facility
  • Full limit utilization of the bank guarantee.


T&C:    If any after invest wants to withdraw his balance he/she must be inform us before three month.